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dinosaurs fighting by evildollie

The coloring is nice, and the scene is very n dramatic. However, T-Rex and Stegosaurus did not live at the same time: Stegosaurus lived...


I got this from lots of people I was watching.

Somehow, there's a hacker lurking around here who not only changes the name of users around here, but he also posts a journal entry claiming that you'll commit suicide, and he'll troll with the same journal entry by adding inappropriate comments! He'll even add insult to injury by writing naughty comments on your page, and add a crude drawing of a male's private parts! If he reads this, he'll probably think twice before hacking! Spread the word, and stop this evil hacker before you become his next victim!

Apparently, he's targeted a user formerly named kronosfactor52, renamed him TruePhazonianForce posted a similar journal entry on his dA page, and added harsh comments to it!

Copy and paste this to your journal so that it doesn't happen to you!!!

And believe it or not, it's actually true this time! Look here for proof: truephazonianforce.deviantart.…


I was born on March 16, 1995.

These are the rules for my own deviants:

1. No rude comments. If you have a reason to be rude, just state it. I have autism, and therefore, can't understand very well when the reason why is really short. Otherwise, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

2. Do not assume I'm younger than 17, because I'm not: I don't care if its mental, just don't do it!

3. Do NOT say "End of Discussion" on my deviants, because, well, as they're mine, I decide when the discussion ends. If you decide to end it automatically, you'll only make things worse, because if you do decide to end it, I won't stop pestering you until I'm satisfied. This isn't really a rule, but a warning.

4. If I want a question answered, answer it, even if I don't behave well. All questions must be answered unless they are rhetorical, which means that the answer is obvious. Another exception is when the answer isn't known.

5. Unless you can't speak English, do NOT use foreign languages on my deviants, because I only understand English and it's a waste of time. However, this rule can be broken IF you can't speak English, and you must be honest here. All others will be ignored. But don't speak foreign languages on purpose just to annoy me. Trust me, it will be marked as spam.

7. Don't change the subject: it's wrong and rude.

And if you don't think I can make my own rules, I can. Here's proof:…

Well, what do you think?

P.S. If you don't wish to follow any, that's fine, but it will be ignored.



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